Hello there!

My name is Christopher Cosmo Rogers, but most people just call me Chris

I am a Software Engineer & Web Developer. I can use many different web technologies, but I am most familiar with PHP and Javascript.

I can make you a pretty website, but I would rather make you a custom web based application,
such as a digital signage solution or a theatre ticket booking system.

I am currently working in Oxford, having completed my  five-year M.Eng Software Engineering Degree course at Aberystwyth University with a First Class (Honours).

When I’m not working, I can be found running around the town, breaking my arduino / raspberry pi’s / multirotors, and playing the occasional game or two.

Over the past few years I have built up a reasonably large skill base in the area of Web Development. These skills include PHP/MySQL, the use of various JavaScript resources such as jQuery, Ajax & Node, HTML5, CSS3, and Linux server administration.
I have also dabble with C, C++, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Windows server administration and virtualization.

Oh and I can make you one of these if you ask nicely!