It’s been a while so I thought I’d put up some pretty pictures I have taken with my drones over the past couple of years!

ArduPlotter – Updated Responsive Web Design

Whilst ArduPlotter has always been responsive (utilising the Bootstrap framework), it hasn’t always used all of the available screen space. This was especially true for large screen devices (1200px+ wide).

I have updated it so that if your browsers is larger than 1200px, you will get graphs to the right of the map instead of below it. This allows a lot more of the information to be viewed simultaneously. Continue reading

ArduPlotter – 3D Map (CesiumJS)

So on Christmas Eve I was tracking Santa (as you do), and noticed that the NORAD tracking no longer opens up Google Earth, but instead works in browser.

Doing some digging around I found that they used Cesium. This uses WebGL to create 2D maps and 3D globes. From the start of ArduPlotter there has been a button to download a (generated) KML file of the flight which will open in Google Earth if you have it installed. Being able to view a 3D map in browser seemed like an awesome idea, so I set about making a quick prototype.

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Apache and Nginx

I have just installed Nginx on my Linode VPS, and I have moved my blog and website to it to. I have also consolidated my blog and personal website into one site.

I have put Nginx in front of Apache, so all the static files are served by Nginx, with the rest (PHP) being served by Apache using Nginx as a proxy.
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Cacti IPMI data via SNMP

IPMI data to SNMP

I’ve been monitoring CPU, Ram, HDD, and network usage using cacti for a while, but recently I’ve wanted to monitor temperature and fan data. A couple of servers have IPMI on them, which I can use to access the temperature and fan data, however there doesn’t seem to be an easy way of getting this into cacti.

I started off following IPMI Sensor Data on Dell 1850s and 2850s via SNMP and Cacti by Barry O’Donovan; however that is now a bit old, and it seems that a couple of things seem to have changed.
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Linode DDNS and OpenWrt updater

Linode DDNS updater script

So my domain registrar doesn’t do DDNS (dynamic dns), but Linode have an API to update your DNS records that you have on their name servers, so you can do DDNS with your own domains really easily!

I use my Wifi router with OpenWrt on to run the update script every hour. There are a couple of updater scripts out there, a quick Google will find you some. Below is one I’ve bodged together using a couple I found Continue reading