My new linode!

Just got me a linode and have been setting it up for the past hour and a bit. I’m going to use it as a personal svn, testing and development server and I might move this site over there at some point. Maybe

Anyway it is really quick and easy to set yourself up with a linode (or I assume any VPS for that matter), but the documentation that the linode people have amassed is huge, and really helpful and easy to follow. If you have not set up a linux server before then it can seem a bit daunting but their beginners guide is a good introduction and easy to follow for people who have a little bit of linux experience but not experience as I have set up a couple of LAMP stacks before I found it nice and easy. Even creating the SVN server was easy, only needing a couple of commands.

There are other VPS hosts out there but I went with linode because of the massive documentation library, their custom written ‘linode manager’, which works really well and the fact that they were the only hosts that I could find that offered a vps with Ubuntu 10.04. Hooray for them

I was going to make this post a how to set up a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack with svn and trac however their documentation is really good anyway, so why reinvent the wheel. They don’t how ever have documentation about how to install trac and link it in with svn, so maybe I’ll make that a how to later on. Can’t do it yet because I am waiting for my web hosts to add some dns records for me so I can start using some Apache virtual name based hosts.

There really isn’t any limit on what you can do with a VPS, and with linodes LISP stuff it really is like you have your own server sitting in front of you which you can do with what ever you want. Even what it boot up if you really want…

So if I have inspired you to get a vps then good for you. If you choose to get a linode then please use this link or put in my referral code:


when you purchase one and share the love a little. Thanks 😀