Arduino + LCD + Telnet = good fun

So I have been playing with my arduino with a LCD I got ages ago. First off I had to solder some pin headers to the LCD so that I can plug it into a breadboard. I could have soldered the pins straight to the LCD but I used some ribbon cable in the middle, and some veroboard (Note to self: Get a dremel for birthday, that stuff is a pain to cut though!) to add flexibility and some give if/when I drop it… Continue reading


Well finally finished my electronic enigma at the weekend. Only a couple years later from buying it at Bletchley park, and it worked first time!

You get a bag of bits and some instructions and you have to make it all yourself – a lot of soldering, but good practice 🙂

My Enigma E

In the photo the bottom part with all the wires is the Steckerbrett board, above that is the keyboard, above that the lamp panel, and at the top are the digital wheels.

I never actually realised that the wheels actually go around as you type, so even if you press say the letter A twice, it will be encoded as a different letter each time.

Now all I need to do is wire up the mains adaptor, add the serial port and make a box for it all, and then I can connect it to my computer and send enigma encoded messages across the internet!