Linksys wrt54gl wireless bridge

How to make a wireless bridge using a linksys wrt54gl and openwrt

<<<Disclaimer :- not my fault if you brick your router >>>

So after many hours head bashing I have manged to get my router to act as a bridge. Basically follow these instructions 😀

But remember that you need to flash the router with brcm-2.4 build!
I used backfire 10.03.1-rc5, brcm-2.4 (I upgraded from an older version of openwrt)

A couple of things learnt:

  • Don’t be tempted to use the LuCI (web interface) – each time I did it didn’t work. SSH in and follow the commands and use vi to edit the files
  • Set the correct ip address first before you start changing things
  • To get into ‘failsafe’ mode you press the ‘Secure Easy Setup’ button as soon as the DMZ light comes on after you power it up (See this)
  • To reset your wireless router to the default settings, boot it into failsafe mode, telnet into it

    and type


    This will reset any config changes you made and any files you created. Then use

    reboot -f

    to reboot.

  • Devices plugged into the wireless router that pick up dhcp addresses appear to have the same mac address as the router to whoever is suppling the addresses