Apache and Nginx

I have just installed Nginx on my Linode VPS, and I have moved my blog and website to it to. I have also consolidated my blog and personal website into one site.

I have put Nginx in front of Apache, so all the static files are served by Nginx, with the rest (PHP) being served by Apache using Nginx as a proxy.
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Cacti IPMI data via SNMP

IPMI data to SNMP

I’ve been monitoring CPU, Ram, HDD, and network usage using cacti for a while, but recently I’ve wanted to monitor temperature and fan data. A couple of servers have IPMI on them, which I can use to access the temperature and fan data, however there doesn’t seem to be an easy way of getting this into cacti.

I started off following IPMI Sensor Data on Dell 1850s and 2850s via SNMP and Cacti by Barry O’Donovan; however that is now a bit old, and it seems that a couple of things seem to have changed.
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