Server administration

I administer 9 linux server, including my own VPS, running a variety of operating systems


  • 4 LAMP set ups, including two VLEs, my own VPS and general internal web server
  • 2 Freenas fileservers, with ZFS replication and integration with 200+ Windows computer environment
  • 2 Gateway servers with Zentyal, running DHCP, DNS, NTP, and other network services for small 20+ windows environment
  • Squid proxy gateway, with AD authentication, user monitoring (not downloading too much, no illegal sites, etc) and site filtering
  • SVN Server on my VPS with trac integration for projects
  • Multiple named based and ip based virtual hosts from one Apache instance
  • Some virtualization with VMware, and experimentation with Ubuntu private cloud
  • Nagios network monitoring setup and administration
  • Backups using BackupPC